16 Years Forogtten 

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You know what is terrifying?

The fact that most high school seniors were born after September 11, 2001.


Yep. Seniors in high school. Did not experience 9/11. Many were born after the terror attacks.

My mind. Can’t. Comprehend.

It’s been 16 years.

The slogan has been and always will be: 9/11: Never Forget. 

Never Forget the 3000 lives that were lost that day in the towers. The 343 NY fire fighters who lost their lives, including the fire house chaplain, Fr. Mychal Judge who was hit by falling rubble while giving a victim last rites. The children who lost parents or loved ones that fateful day.

Never Forget that our country was viciously attacked in a calculated, and cold blooded way.

But you want to know the sad truth?

We have forgotten.

I remember right after the attacks, there was a shortage of American Flags across the United States.

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Worth a read for anyone, especially those in need of encouragement and comfort.

Just Gracie

When your faith is shaken, and your courage shattered,

When you realize that your greatest dreams never mattered,

When the world around you seems too vast,

When there’s no turning back, and the die is cast,

“Do not be dismayed, for I am your God.”

– Isaiah 41:10


When the truth is blurry and hard to make out,

When the lies are thick as fog and you cannot get out,

When your life seems like a battle, the odds: one hundred to one,

When you’re about to lift the white flag and the world seems to have won,

“I will fight for you; you need only to be still.”

– Exodus 14:14


When you’re starving for love and your soul is so weary,

When you search for an answer and all you receive is a query,

When you doubt yourself, and you distrust your beliefs

When your feelings…

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